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Bridging the Profitability Gap

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The world of print has long been struggling with profitability – a vast market opportunity that neither offset nor current digital technology is equipped to leverage. Through the Landa Nanographic Printing® process, that gap has been narrowed. As a result, printers and converters worldwide are on the threshold of substantial new business and revenue possibilities.

Offset: Mature, Efficient, Long Run Production

Offset printing has always excelled at the production of long-run jobs. To do its job as efficiently as it does, offset requires plate making, make-ready, and other time- and labor-intensive processes. The long-run nature of the jobs has always justified the operational costs. However, the upfront expenses of offset prohibit it from producing short runs at a reasonable profit.spidometer 

Digital: Powerful, Versatile, Short-Run Solution

In the 20 years since Benny Landa introduced it at IPEX in 1993, digital print has firmly established its excellence for niche usage. Powerful variable data print technology produces personalized, high-impact pieces for both businesses and consumers. Though working with a limited set of substrates, digital has opened entirely new markets and applications – including personalized photo albums, one-to-one direct mail, custom packaging and signage. The acknowledged digital sweet spot is its ability to produce short runs – from one to a few thousand sheets.


Graph trillion pages printed


One fact remains, however. After two decades, digital has only nibbled around the edges of mainstream printing. With one trillion pages printed in 2011, digital still accounts for no more than two percent of the total annual print output of fifty trillion pages. 

The reason? Despite the attributes that have enabled digital printing to excel in its niche markets, it cannot profitably produce longer run-lengths at the costs, speeds and formats needed for mainstream printing.

Bridging the Profitability Gap

The gap between the low volumes of digital and the high volumes of offset is precisely these medium run-lengths that account for the majority of commercially printed jobs. Therein lies the profitability gap.

Nanography®, the Landa Nanographic Printing® process, is a "best of both worlds" solution. Using Landa NanoInk® colorants and a unique indirect digital printing process, Nanography® matches the high throughput, magnificent quality and full substrate flexibility of offset. And it equals digital's unique capacity for personalized text and images – even on runs as few as one sheet.

In fact, Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses offer the lowest cost per page of any digital printing device.


The Bottom Line: A Breakthrough

The Landa Nanographic Printing® process bridges the profitability gap with a strong combination of lower operating costs compared to offset, plus far higher speeds and media support than digital. It's a solution that enables print providers and converters to use digital printing for mainstream applications.

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