Nanographic Printing®

An Entirely New Category

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Nanography® is based on nanotechnology – the science of ultra-small particles. Particles that are measured in nanometers – billionths of a meter!  And, as we have discovered at Landa, nano sized pigments have extraordinary qualities: they become amazingly powerful colorants, enabling an entirely new kind of digital printing.

Remarkable Characteristics

Nanopigment-based Landa NanoInk® together with the Nanographic Printing® process impart to Nanography® its remarkable characteristics:

  • Ultra-high speed digital printing
  • Broadest CMYK color gamut
  • Ultra sharp dots of extremely high uniformity
  • The ability to print on any ordinary untreated paper stock, coated or uncoated
  • The ability to print on practically any plastic packaging film or label stock
  • Remarkable abrasion- and scratch-resistant images
  • The lowest cost digital printing in the industry

Nanopigment-based Landa NanoInk<sup>®</sup> together with the Nanographic Printing<sup>®</sup>

What Can Nanography® Do for You?

Allowing an entirely new paradigm for efficient and profitable printing, Nanography® enables you to migrate mainstream applications to digital production. For the first time, you do not have to choose between the versatility and short-run economics of digital printing and the low cost-per-page and high productivity of offset printing. Now you can have both.

Nanography® creates new business opportunities for providers of any type of printing in the commercial, packaging and publishing markets.


A Short Evolution of Nanography®

The worldwide digital explosion

We are surrounded by offset-printed goods that generate over $901 billion in annual revenue. But society is changing at computer speeds. Digital media is rapidly replacing many traditionally-printed products. What does this mean for the future of printing?


When it comes to digital, printing is no exception

"Everything that can become digital will become digital. Printing is no exception." Benny Landa's visionary statement from the 1990s has proven prophetic. And digital printing has certainly experienced explosive growth, going from zero when Landa first introduced it in 1993, to a multi-billion dollar industry today.


But can digital printing go mainstream?

For the most part digital printing has only nibbled around the edges of mainstream printing. In order to really become mainstream, digital printing must be competitive with offset in terms of quality, speed and cost – not to mention format size and the ability to print on virtually any kind of ordinary untreated paper.


Graph trillion pages printed


Nanography. Digital Printing for Mainstream.™

Landa has developed a new category of digital printing: Nanography®. It combines quality, speed and cost with production formats and a limitless range of paper types. Printers no longer have to choose between the versatility and short-run economics of digital printing and the low cost-per-page and high productivity of offset printing. Now they can have both. Nanography® offers a winning formula that is poised to transform digital printing into a mainstream technology.

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