Landa NanoInk®

The Heart of Nanography®

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Many materials, when reduced to nano particle size, acquire unexpected properties. Some particles become super-hard, able to protect surfaces from abrasion; some become super-absorbent in the blood stream, enabling unique drug delivery systems.

In the course of a decade of research, Landa observed that ink pigments, when reduced to nanometric scale, become unusually powerful colorants.

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On the basis of this discovery, Landa created Landa NanoInk® containing ultra-small pigment particles that are tens of nanometers in size – about one-half the size of pigment particles used in offset ink.

Water-based Landa NanoInk® colorants are at the core of the Landa Nanographic Printing® Process and help make it a breakthrough printing technology.



The precise and extremely efficient low ink lay-down enables a Landa NanoInk® image to consistently produce extremely round dots with super-sharp edges, high optical uniformity and consistent density. This is equally true whether you are printing on glossy or matte paper—or on any other substrate.

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Most of the world's leading brands use vibrant Pantone colors to express their uniqueness. Unfortunately the ISO standard CMYK palette of offset presses covers only about 65% the Pantone range. This is why many brands need to use spot colors, despite the additional costs.


The extremely small and consistent size of the Landa NanoInk® pigments enables Nanography® to achieve a superior light dynamic range. Landa's CMYK color palette covers 84% of Pantone colors—30% more than CMYK offset.


Landa's seven-color palette covers 96% of all Pantone colors—50% more than CMYK offset—and eliminates the need for spot colors, off-press color mixing and on-press ink replacements.


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One of the most important benefits of Landa NanoInk® is that the ultra-thin Nanographic Printing® ink film has the extraordinary ability to bond to any off-the-shelf paper and plastic printing substrates. Due to the Nanographic Printing® process, Landa NanoInk® images can be applied to a wide range of sheet or web substrates without any priming or pretreatment. It prints on any off-the-shelf, coated or uncoated paper, newsprint, heavy cartonboard, and plastic (such as PE, PET, PVC, BOPP).

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