Prints on Anything

With no Pretreatment or Priming

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The Nanography® process enables the use of any off-the-shelf media without the need for special setup time and procedures like priming or pre-treatment. The range of substrates spans coated, uncoated, specialty and synthetic media for commercial printing and publishing, as well as heavy cartonboard for folding carton production and PE, PET, BOPP and more for flexible packaging and label applications.

The Nanographic Printing® Process is Media-Friendly

The Landa Nanographic Printing® process uses Landa NanoInk® colorants to create an unparalleled thin layer of ink that enables the substrate to retain its original characteristics after printing, whether gloss or matte, coated or uncoated. The thin ink image is transferred dry to the substrate, avoiding the need for post-drying and preventing unwanted media effects such as swelling, deformation and cockling.


The Landa Nanographic Printing® Process enables you to print on leading off-the-shelf media from a range of manufacturers including: 


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