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Landa beta site shows carton press

12 Sep 2017 | Labels & Packaging

'Well, it has been a five-year gestation period, but the wait is finally over as Benny Landa and his growing team introduced potential customers to the latest developments at his company,' reports Sean Smyth from Israel.

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Landa’s first VIP customer event is underway in Israel, with more than 100 customers from around the world in attendance including several from the UK.

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First Landa press installed

08 Aug 2017 | digitalprinter

Israeli folding carton packag­ing and label converter Graphica Bezalel has installed a Landa S10 Nano­graphic printing press at its site in Rehovot.

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Landa Digital Printing(イスラエル)は、「S10 Nanographi Printing Press」の1号機を出荷し、今年4月に発表した通り、最初のカスタマーとなる、イスラエルの折箱包装およびラベルコンバーターのGraphica Bezalelの工場で設置中だ。

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Landa Digital Printing has announced that the first Landa S10 Nanographic printing press is now being installed at its first beta customer Graphica Bezalel, a leading Israeli folding carton packaging and label convertor. According to Yishai Amir, CEO, Landa, the next installations in line are Imagine! in the U.S., and then to Edelmann, Landa's first beta customer in Europe.

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Just over a year since the drupa launch of the revolutionary inkjet press, Landa has shipped its first, a Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press, to a folding carton packaging and label convertor, Graphica Bezalel, at a beta site not far from the manufacturing plant

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After a final test run at the Landa factory, the first Landa S10 Nanographic printing press has been packed and transported from the Landa factory and is now being installed at Graphica Bezalel, the first of its lineup of beta customers.

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After a final test run at the Landa factory, the first Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press is being installed at anda’s first beta customer, Graphica Bezalel in Israel. Next in line are Imagine! in the USA and Edelmann in Europe.

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После финальной тестовой проверки на фабрике первая ЦПМ Landa S10 покинула ее и была успешно перевезена в израильскую типографию Graphica Bezalel, которая была выбрана первой площадкой для бета-тестирования данных машин.

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摘 要:过去的五年,全球印刷乃至中国印刷都在变化和调整中不断前行,集约化、绿色化、自动化和智能化已经被定义为未来印刷行业的主基调。Landa正在世界的舞台上开启了表演的序幕,而2017也将成为Landa全力迈进中国市场的元年。执着于能源和印刷技术创新变革的班尼·兰达,是否将掀起又一场风暴,我们完全有理由期待!


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