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“Everyone is leaving drupa with the understanding that Nanography is a game changer,” said Yishai Amir, CEO, Landa.

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לנדא דיגיטל פרינטינג: מדובר בהזמנות סופיות, לא במכתבי כוונות ■
כלומר - הלקוחות הזמינו כבר שילמו מקדמה עבור המכונות.

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Esko and Landa Digital Printing announced a strategic collaboration that brings together their respective solutions to create an end-to-end digital folding carton workflow that drives Nanographic Printing presses. This integration enables folding carton packaging converters to automate their workflow…

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Landa不仅带来了精彩的Landa Show,还将展台面积加倍,达到3000平方米,展示出4种颠覆性的纳米印刷技术及设备:用于折叠纸盒和POP的Landa S10单张纸印刷机、用于商业印刷的Landa S10P双面印刷机、用于软包装的Landa W10卷筒纸印刷机,以及另一项颠覆性的最新技术——Nano-Metallography™纳米金相金属喷镀技术。本次展会,兰达4款设备均现场演示,如果你喜欢,还能拿走现场印刷样品。
Landa has not only brought a wonderful Landa Show, the booth has been doubled to 3,000 square meters, and the company is exhibiting four kinds of disruptive nano-printing technology and equipment: for folding carton and POP, Landa S10 sheetfed; Landa S10P perfector for commercial printing; Landa W10 web press for flexible packaging; as well as another subversive innovative technology --Nano-Metallography® nano metallization technology. This exhibition, there are not only live demonstrations of Landa’s four products, but if you like, you can also to get on-site print samples.

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China Sales Surge for Landa

07.06.2016 | drupa daily

Huanran Huang, chief executive of ZRP, the first Chinese buyer of a Landa S10 press said: "With innovation close to our heart, the Landa S10 will be a perfect addition to our technology portfolio. For the first time in Asia, we will be able to provide cost-effective, short and mid-length packaging runs."

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PrintingNews broadcasts Benny Landa’s red-sofa interview with Darryll Danielli of PrintWeek.

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Reflex purchase Landa W10 at Drupa 2016

June 4, 2016 | Large Format Review

Landa today announced that Mansfield-based sustainable packaging specialist, Reflex, has signed for a Landa W10 Nanographic Printing Press at the show.

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Benny Landa grote publiekstrekker op Drupa

June 3, 2016 | Headlines 24 (NL)

Opnieuw lukt het Landa om dé publiekstrekker te worden op Drupa. De charismatische Benny Landa steelt de show met zijn op nanotechnologie gebaseerde digitale persen. In een bomvol theater en daarbuiten aan de hand van een groot beeldscherm volgen bezoekers ademloos de presentatie…

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Reflex to be first UK Landa customer

June 3, 2016 |

Flexible packaging specialist Reflex has followed up on the deposit it paid at Drupa 2012 by placing an order for a Landa W10 web press at the exhibition this week.

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In-plants Report on Drupa

June 3, 2016 | In-Plant Graphics Online

“The biggest show stopper for me was the new Landa Nanographic presses with water-based inks printing at offset speed and quality,” enthused Jerry Hill, California state printer.

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