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One of the highlights of the evening will be the presentation of the PINE Industry Influencer Award to Benny Landa, visionary inventor, said to be “the father of digital commercial printing.”

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March 2015 | Graphische Revue, Issue 1

Benny Landa hat es 2012 mit seiner Nanographic Printing Technology zweifelsohne geschafft, der drupa seinen Stempel aufzudrücken. Das Versprechen von Landa, mit der Nanografie den Break-even-Point des Digitaldrucks nach oben zu verschieben, klang ziemlich verlockend. Doch mittlerweile ist es ruhig um Landa geworden. Das Konzept der Maschine musste vollkommen überarbeitet werden und damit hat sich auch der Start des Betatest-Programms mehrmals nach hinten verschoben. Im zweiten Halbjahr 2015 soll es jetzt endlich so weit sein und eine B1-Maschine für den Verpackungsdruck in den Feldtest gehen. Bis zur drupa 2016 muss ein verkaufsfähiges Produkt verfügbar sein, ansonsten wird die Branche ihr Interesse an der Nanografie verlieren. Wie das gelingen soll, hat uns Benny Landa in einem Exkulsiv-Interview beantwortet. Sonderteil: 115 Jahre Graphische Revue 24.

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The Latest Landa S10 Print Samples

10 Feb 2015 | InfoTrends Blog, Jim Hamilton

Gilad Tzori, Landa’s Vice President of Product Strategy, stopped in Boston to show me the latest Landa S10 print samples and to give me a general Landa update. It was good to see samples on the full-size B1 sheet. They show a wide color gamut and the ability to hold a fine level of detail. These samples reveal the potential of the technology.

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Overmatter: Skype silliness

09 February 2015 | PrintWeek

Being able to laugh at yourself is a key life skill, and Overmatter is happy to report that some of the industry’s big bosses are able to do just that. Two examples came at the recent EFI Connect user conference. EFI chief executive Guy Gecht and Landa boss Benny Landa had the audience in fits of giggles… Watch it (from about 29 minutes in).

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Landa sparks debate on how operators run a press

18 January 2015 | Print Business – UK

As the next step in its market preparation campaign, Landa is priming discussions about the design of efficient press controls with the publication of their latest white paper, “The Landa UX: Revolutionizing the Press Operator User Experience for Breakthrough Productivity”.

With the whitepaper endorsing that the operator cockpit will be an intrinsic part of the Landa press design, it throws open a debate about where best to place a press console.

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While touchscreen technology and UX innovation has come a long way in other industries, such as automotive, healthcare and financial services, the printing press room experience has remained largely unchanged for many years. Engaging with hundreds of press operators, Landa undertook considerable research and used its learnings to redesign a new UX from the ground up.

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Weißbuch: Landa definiert Druckmaschinenbedienung neu

15 January 2015 | Der Druckspiegel - Germany

Die Bedienung einer Offsetmaschine, so das Weißbuch, erfordert die volle Aufmerksamkeit des Druckers und zwingt ihn, während der gesamten Produktionszeit neben der Ausgabe zu stehen. Im Unterschied dazu bietet die S10 ein neues Bedienungskonzept mit "überlegener" Nutzerpraxis. Das Cockpit mache den Maschinenbediener wesentlich effektiver und erlaubt es ihm, zusätzliche Arbeiten zu duchzuführen, z.B. die Kontrolle der Druckausgabe, die Überwachung der Maschinenfunktionen und die Verwaltung der Auftragsliste. Das alles sei während der Produktion möglich, ohne nachteilige Auswirkungen auf die Produktivität und Druckqualität.

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Landa has released a new white paper, “The Landa UX: Revolutionizing the Press Operator User Experience for Breakthrough Productivity”, that explains why user experience (UX) has become such an important consideration for many industries—including print.

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The new white paper details how the Landa S10 press incorporates latest market leading UX technology and expertise - delivering for the first time, an extremely human-centric approach to printing.

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Benny Landa opens the hatches in this exclusive interview with industry analyst/consultant Andy McCourt. He reaches out; he talks directly like a real person and not in mystical corporate-speak; he puts on great shows, literally with song and dance as we saw at drupa 2012. But behind the razzamatazz there is Benny the businessman; Benny the inventor and holder of over 800 patents; Benny the thinker. He’s a team player but a leader too. In 2012 he set targets for the commercialization of Landa Nanography that he has failed to meet. But, there’s never been a new technology delivered on-time; as the poet Robert Browning wrote, “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

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