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While touchscreen technology and UX innovation has come a long way in other industries, such as automotive, healthcare and financial services, the printing press room experience has remained largely unchanged for many years. Engaging with hundreds of press operators, Landa undertook considerable research and used its learnings to redesign a new UX from the ground up.

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Weißbuch: Landa definiert Druckmaschinenbedienung neu

15 January 2015 | Der Druckspiegel - Germany

Die Bedienung einer Offsetmaschine, so das Weißbuch, erfordert die volle Aufmerksamkeit des Druckers und zwingt ihn, während der gesamten Produktionszeit neben der Ausgabe zu stehen. Im Unterschied dazu bietet die S10 ein neues Bedienungskonzept mit "überlegener" Nutzerpraxis. Das Cockpit mache den Maschinenbediener wesentlich effektiver und erlaubt es ihm, zusätzliche Arbeiten zu duchzuführen, z.B. die Kontrolle der Druckausgabe, die Überwachung der Maschinenfunktionen und die Verwaltung der Auftragsliste. Das alles sei während der Produktion möglich, ohne nachteilige Auswirkungen auf die Produktivität und Druckqualität.

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Landa has released a new white paper, “The Landa UX: Revolutionizing the Press Operator User Experience for Breakthrough Productivity”, that explains why user experience (UX) has become such an important consideration for many industries—including print.

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The new white paper details how the Landa S10 press incorporates latest market leading UX technology and expertise - delivering for the first time, an extremely human-centric approach to printing.

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Benny Landa opens the hatches in this exclusive interview with industry analyst/consultant Andy McCourt. He reaches out; he talks directly like a real person and not in mystical corporate-speak; he puts on great shows, literally with song and dance as we saw at drupa 2012. But behind the razzamatazz there is Benny the businessman; Benny the inventor and holder of over 800 patents; Benny the thinker. He’s a team player but a leader too. In 2012 he set targets for the commercialization of Landa Nanography that he has failed to meet. But, there’s never been a new technology delivered on-time; as the poet Robert Browning wrote, “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

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我看到的Landa S10—更大更完美的数码印刷机

2014-12-22 | 来源:今日印刷 作者:Gerry Mulvaney (Print Today)

11月底,我在兰达数码印刷位于Rehovot的工厂里亲眼目睹了兰达的研发团队为Landa S10纳米图像印刷机的商业化所付出的辛勤劳动。我所站着的这台是第一台受委托测试的Landa S10纳米图像印刷机,另外还有2台在装配区和生产线上,而第一台已经位于研发测试区

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A few clarifications from Benny Landa

December 18, 2014 | WhatTheyThink

Following our publication of the latest update from Landa Digital Printing, published last week, I [Cary Sherburne] spoke with Benny Landa to clarify a few things.

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Dec 2014, Issue 10 |Vision Asia

For over two decades, his name has been a consistent feature in the development of modern digital printing technology. As entrenched, slow to change, firms played catch-up following the disruptive launch of the Indigo E-Print in 1993, a passing parade of CEOs, claimants to the crown, wannabes and try-hards have come and gone but one name has remained a constant; Benny Landa. He’s now into his second round of disruptive invention; having cashed in and sold the wildly successful Indigo to Hewlett Packard in 2002.

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Landa prepares to take Go to Market step

12 December 2014| Print Business

Landa Digital Printing has started the Go to Market phase of its development.

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A Landa 2014 Update

12 Dec 2014 | InfoTrends InfoBlog

That representatives from companies like Tukaiz and Firstan Packaging had glowing things to say about the progress is important. Also important were a few tidbits from the video and blog that underscore the message that Landa is on track to have a released product (the S10) at drupa in May of 2016.

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