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With all the digital solutions coming forth over the past year, with the exception of Landa’s nanographic printing system, we see nothing on the print side of technology that was a game changer.

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November 11, 2013 | Digital Printer, UK

Digital Printer asked Mr Landa what he recalls of Ipex 1993. He replied: 'What a thrill it was to have throngs of visitors looking on in disbelief at a printing machine that could spew out offset-like prints, each one different from the other. This was such a new and foreign concept that many insisted that we show them the input stack so they could verify that we hadn't pre-printed the sheets! Now that's what you live for.

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Komori has just signed off a deal to bring Benny Landa's hotly-anticipated Nanographic press technology to market, starting with the S10FC B1 folding carton press.

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Landa announced a strategic relationship with Komori for the manufacture of the transport systems for all of Landa’s sheetfed systems. This alliance seems to be a win-win for both companies.

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לנדא עם קומורי מטוקיו

3 נובמבר 2013 | Telecom News

החברות ממסדות את הברית האסטרטגית ארוכת-הטווח ביניהן בחתימה על הסכמי רישוי וחוזים שונים, שבהם קומורי תהיה הספק הגלובלי של כל הפלטפורמות למכונות הדפוס הננוגרפי בגליונות של לנדא, ואילו לנדא תספק לקומורי את טכנולוגיית הדפוס הננוגרפי ואת צבעי הדיו הננורפי של לנדא אשר ימוזגו במכונות הדפוס הננוגרפי של קומורי.

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לנדא ו KOMORI חתמו שותפות

2 נובמבר 2013 | דפוסגרף

חברת לנדא ויצרנית הדפוס הגדולה Komori הודיעו על חתימת ברית אסטרטגית ארוך טווח. מנכ"ל Komori: "אנו מאמינים כי ההשפעה של המצאת הננוגרפיה החדשה של בני לנדא – עם פלטפורמת Komoriתהיה גדולה בהרבה אפילו ממהפכת הדפוס הדיגיטלי הראשונה שלו".

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Low-cost, high-speed, and high-quality digitally printed pages at B1 format will soon be tried out in production environments with the full support of Komori.

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November 1, 2013 | Printing Impressions

Benny Landa: "Komori is an outstanding partner for Landa, bringing an extremely high caliber of engineering expertise, second-to-none quality and performance, together with a fervent commitment and willingness to invest in the future. We absolutely have to have a vendor that we know has the financial strength to support us long-term."

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As far as any cultural shifts this might involve at Komori, Baines said, “This really plays into what Mr. Komori said at our Print13 press conference. We are in a rebirth stage as a company. The Landa agreement is one more arrow in the quiver for us moving forward. This is an exciting time for Komori and we are looking forward to what’s on the horizon.”.

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November 1, 2013 | Package Print Worldwide

Landa and Komori have ratified their relationship for the supply of sheet-fed platforms for the new range of Landa Nanographic Printing presses.

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