Folding Carton

Nanography™ for Mainstream
Folding Carton Production.

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Nanographic Printing™ technology offers printers fully digital high-speed, high-margin production of packaging for food, electronics, games, home products, pharmaceuticals, textiles and more. It provides a solution for short-run demand and variable data allowing multiple SKU printing, barcodes and unique security elements at a high breakeven point of around 5,000 sheets or 30,000 boxes of average size – covering 50% of jobs in the world. Nanography™ for folding carton production eliminates lengthy prepress and setup processes and reduces stock levels and your carbon footprint.


Landa Nanographic Printing™ Presses Offer Folding Carton Converters:

  • Fast and efficient digital production of mainstream applications
  • Support for all mainstream media sizes, up to B1 (41 in./1050 mm)
  • Use of any off-the-shelf media including very thick boards
  • Up to 8-color printing including CMYK, white and spots
  • Unmatched total cost per digital page

Landa Nanographic Printing™ Presses for the Folding Carton Market:

Landa S10FC

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